Cleansing Your Spirit- Your Way Is The Best Way


Cleansing YOUR way!


  Cleansing is an important step in any spell casting and daily routines. What is more important is Cleansing YOUR way! When I say cleansing your way I simply mean, find a that fits YOU. No, not veggie juicing or physical detox- I mean spiritually cleansing. 

 So you’re a touch pyromaniac, smoke cleanse is probably up your ally! No houses or people, just herbs. Are you a music lover? A meditating cleanse of drummers or the harp could just be your way of cleansing. 

There are many different techniques and tools to help. Personally, I use 3 main techniques in my craft: Herbs, music, and dance. I love the smell of burning sage but a good smoke ring of a mix for me is even better. An herbal bath is sometimes needed too! I love just the vibrations of drums or a sound bowl cleansing every inch over my body. 


      Lastly and the funniest, dancing! Yes, I said dancing! Find a spot outside (or a clutter-free floor), turn up your favorite music, close your eyes, find your breath and just dance out all the negative vibes. I can not dance to save the universe but it’s one of my favorite ways to connect while I’m cleansing my soul.  I’ve listed some ways to cleanse and even a goodie below!






 ways to spiritually cleanse yourself


Here is my personal top ways to spiritual cleansing. Some of these are more for yourself and not for your objects- physical activity or dancing? While I have been known to dance with my crystals I don’t sense playing sports is the safest way to cleanse your objects. 


Burning sage

Burning herbs

Herbal baths

Salt baths count too

Essential oils can be useful


Sound baths








Naping in nature (one of my favorites)

Just being able to touch outside

ground, air, etc.

Physical activity