Imbolc 2020


No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. destiny is made known silently. 

Agnes De Mille







          The Renewal Of Magic




      Imbolc is a time of renewal, reflection, & planning. The winter is leaving us & we start to see signs of the spring to come.  

Bridget burns her fire higher to keep us warm throughout the last part of winter. Many of us have seen a harsh season of cold, floods, and some even field fires. 

Those in the countryside who live off the land start to consume the last bit of food from the last harvest. 

Seek out the past & change what you need to. Remove the last bit of ties that must happen for you to create new ones.

Give to others as the goddess has given to you. Be grateful and patience as the world gets warmer. Make a plan, a vision so you can seek out the desires and needs to grow into a better you.


We must plan for the spring that is on its way.. We must plan for ourselves a better harvest in our lives..                                      We must plan to seek out a better future.


“I’m spending the days between now and Imbolc putting the finishing touches on a plan of action for this calendar year. I’ve made lists of goals, some practical (declutter closets) and some not (spend birthday at the beach). I’ll make a collage, draw up action plans. It all will be based around putting some more juice in a long-term manifestation plan to bring my life more into alignment with my creative and spiritual goals.” – Kathy Nance,

Forget Januarys New Year Resolutions- Let Go of 2019 And Let Be


       Seek Out Your Truth



 Time To EnVision Our Future

It’s not unknown that our sacred mother earth is in turmoil due to our humankind. We have polluted the waters, killing off the very bees that provide population, destroyed thousands of miles of life forms, and so much more unmentionable destruction.

How do we fix this? How do we save our future generations?  Importantly, while I don’t have answers for you, what I can do is help guide you to plan a vision of what YOU CAN DO. 

None of us can fix everything or even a dime of the planet we have destroyed but with one at a time we can make a dent together.  There are plenty of ways to help support, save, and begin the regrowth of our world.  Just remember we can only do it one step at a time. 

Ask yourself this: What can I do TODAY to help? 

This is the easy part- changing our bad habits or creating GOOD new ones!