Forget Januarys New Year Resolutions- Let Go of 2019 And Let Be

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”               By: Soren Kierkegaard


           Let Go & Let Be

       January is known for its beginnings of new projects (New Year Resolutions), new chances BUT for me, it’s time to just let go & let be. Some people want to lose weight, others better habits but the one thing most everyone has in common is the something new.

       While January starts the year, it’s also the time to set time to review the year, review yourself, & lastly to rejuvenate our body, soul, and mind. Self-Reflection is a promise of knowledge, wisdom, and growth. We have come so far in 2019 but some of us not as far as we wished.     

          December, we pushed to make last notes, last big changes, and adjustments but what about ourselves? What did we do for ourselves? How did we heal? How did we let go? What did we gain or lose from 2019?               

     This month’s lesson won’t be making new year’s resolutions, actually quite the contrary.  We will be reviewing 2019 with open eyes and heart, meditating on those things that have traveled across to the new year, those that we need to let go of, and finally learning how to Just BE






Review and Rejuvenate


Take a piece of paper or your journal and write down this:

  • The worst 5 things of 2019


  • The best 5 things of 2019


  • What was your biggest lesson of the year?


  • What things did you not get to accomplish that you wanted to?


  • How did you take care of YOU -Spiritual, emotional, mental, & physical?


After you are done Journaling your answers, go meditate on them.  Let Go & Let Be. Remember letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. 

It simply means not allowing it to affect you any longer in negative ways.

Ritual Cleansing Baths, Moon Water, And Naps Are All Good Ways of Rejuvenating the WHOLE YOU.


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