Stepping Into The Mirror- Magic and Self-Reflection

   “Wisdom is one of the few things that looks bigger the further away it is.” 
― Terry Pratchett,        




  A mirror does one thing



              In order to really have an effect with magic, one must start with themselves. Find a mirror and look into it. What do you see? What are your initial thoughts? Are you judging how you look? What about in the background behind you? What do you see? Is it what you thought it would be? Do you want to change any of it?
     I almost bet that you are now having some sort of anxiety over the truth. In reality, if you are not then congrats to you! (Tell us your secrets) One of the biggest lessons in magic is learning how to make YOU a better YOU.  Wave your wand say a few words and BAM you are perfect… Man do I wish magic worked that way! I’m pretty sure we all do.  How can magic help you become a better you?
      First, accept the things you have done, make things right, and move forward. If you are holding grief, let go and let be. Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting it simply means not allowing it to affect you in negative ways any longer.

          Look Deeper Into The Mirror

                 Self-Reflection is key to growing oneself. How are you to know if you don’t stop and step out of your own box? When we reflect on our life we are typically in our own boxes. Particularly this is a problem because all we can see is what is around us; our neighbors, our friends, family, and even co-workers’ lives. We automatically judge ourselves and others. Step out of your box and look at YOUR box inside and out.

Next, answer these questions to help you reflect (once you are outside of your box).  
  1. Make two columns. Label column 1.  good qualities & then label column 2. bad qualities. In order for this to really take effect, you have to be honest. Not with me, your friend, or even your doctor but yourself.


    Now how many of those “bad” qualities are really true? Cross out any that isn’t 100% true. If you based any of them off an incident or situation cross it out.       So, you have made a few mistakes and said words you can’t take back? We ALL have and continue to do so.  All you can do is accept, let go, and move forward to a better you.     Self-Reflection is your KEY. 

Answer this while you are in your self-reflection meditation:

  1. Are you happy with your life?
    1. Are you happy or content?
  2. If you are not happy with it or satisfied, what do you need to do to make it better?








Last year I did the same reflection and today I can say proudly, I am not just satisfied where I am in life but I am filled with joy on a daily basis! Happiness doesn’t happen overnight. Like money in the bank, you have to do the work to receive it.  

                                                    Now, this is the fun part.
What makes YOU  happy? What are the things you enjoy? How can you bring your happiness to reality? Come on think… Walking? Writing? Crafts? Coffee (yes, please)?Don’t just think small, think large! Education? Strong bonds? Loose ends cut? Better career? A home?           
When you were answering those, did you have any repeats? Make sure you write those down.Pick the top 3 and write them down in these categories:  


  1. Being a hobby.    2. Being part of everyday growth- Education, a better career, etc.

3. Connections with others.



These are going to be your focus points for the year. In February we will start to learn about those “New year- New me resolutions”.  
                    Until then, keep a lookout for some self-care magic! I feel a spell coming soon. 
                                                    Blessed Be & Happy Holidays









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