The Importance Of Cleansing

The Importance Of Routine Cleansing


 Every day we surround ourselves with negativity or as I call it traces of the universe garbage. From spilled coffee to an argument with a co-worker, the traces are everywhere. So what? How’s is that connected with cleansing? After a while, the pieces stack up fast. 

Unfortunately, we explode or fall into pieces due to the overwhelming weight, Importance Of Cleansing.

Not only does it help with finding a balance, but it allows us to make room for good things like growth.

 We recently talked about letting things go and stop allowing them to affect us in negative ways.  This week’s lesson is about wiping the excess off by creating a routine cleansing. There are three major parts of a total routine cleanse: ourselves, spiritual, and material things.  

Each part plays a sacred role in our life.  The self aspect is cleansing inside and out. Letting go and moving forward is just one step of cleaning our internal selves. Start with your roots. The basic anatomy of who you are and what do you stand for. Ask yourself- what ethics and morals do you follow? Or you following them? 

 Now that you have a base, it’s time to cleanse the present you.  What still affects you? Who still affects you? Who do you want to be? What habits do you need to change?      And probably the biggest part of a cleanse is your spirit. it is the essence of you, your souls’ connection.

 I’ve heard so many say they don’t need to clean their Spirit but 90% of those cases they were the ones that needed it the most.  Even if you don’t know your path or even have one, spirit cleansing is essential.

When negative forces attach to you,  it will create clutter forces that will eventually bring out sadness, anger, jealousy, and sometimes worse thing like creating chaos between relationships.  

As far as the material side of things,  cleaning your physical body and your items is just as important as internal.  Additionally, it creates a balance while lifting the negative weight of you but it will make you feel lighter and quite happier. Essentially, we are cleansing our Hearth and Home. it allows peace and sacredness within yourself and anyone around you.




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